Treescape 1

Treescape 1

Lisa Gardiner

Mixed media on board


4 Responses to “Treescape 1”

  1. aloha Lisa – you create a rich surface and a strong unified image that with a great sense of composition. i like that. i’m curious about the size of these and the materials you use in your mixed media works.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thanks for your kind critique! This painting is a combination of topographic maps, maps used by pilots, acrylic paint, colored pencil, chalk, and ink. This one is 11 x 17, but I usually work a bit smaller. The other paintings on my blog are all 8 x 8 or 8 x 10. I’m trying to work larger but really appreciate the small.

  2. hahahaha. cool Lisa – i’ve gone small quite a while ago. at one time i worked larger. now i think i want to get back to it eventually – but i like small too. some of my small is much smaller than your small – that’s because i got into Mail Art a few years ago – which is a lot of fun for me.

    thanks for your reply. knowing the size helps a lot from my perspective because in our publishing world today it’s sometimes difficult to tell…

    topographic maps and maps used by pilots? i dont see this in Treescape 1 – altho they could easily be there.

    thanks again – aloha

  3. Lisa, I love all of your posts. I had no idea you painted, in addition to everything else you’re good at. Thanks for these.

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